"Fanning the Flames of a Bible Revival"




Statements of Endorsement For

Dr. Dennis Deese, Evangelist

"What I like about this man: - After 24 years in Pastoral ministry, and more than 9 on the road - he is so open to learning. Innovative marketing through to leadership, and more. Many preachers are closed shops. This man is as rare as hen's teeth ... he's one of the most avid researchers I know, he studies and learns -... then shares. He helps transform lives. A solid foundation was laid for over 34 years (he ain't no flim flam) - and he left that secure world to do what he was born to do - preach far and wide. He is WORTHY of your support. So, how about investing into his Ministry ... a few dollars a month will make a huge difference. I know I'm going to!"

Neill Newton

Chairman of The Board, Global Flying Hospitals

Macau, China


"I extend my highest possible recommendation for Dr. Dennis Deese as an Evangelist with an infilling of the Holy Spirit at a level rarely seen. Brother Dennis’ ability to study and research scripture, then follow the urging of the Holy Spirit, turn his sermons into life lessons from the Lord with a easily followed style of preaching. His natural passion, mixed with his gift of delivery, blend well with the educational contents of his sermons, which are preached with ease of understanding and great stirring by the Holy Spirit. When blended with his remarkable excitement and humorous episodes life throws at all of us, you have an unmatched ability to preach in any place in this country comfortably and with great results. If you want an explosion of Holy Spirit power to come to your church or event, call on this truly anointed man of God!"


Ben Hickey,

Chairman of Deacons

Ridgewood Baptist Church

Orange Park, Florida

904-509-2445 mobile

"Please let me recommend to you Dr. Dennis Deese for your next revival meeting. Dennis is a gifted preacher that preaches with authority, draws the gospel net as well as stir the church for revival.  Evangelist Dennis Deese has preached for me many times.  He has been warmly received on every occasion.  He will be a tremendous blessing to your church. His years as a successful pastor, along with his zeal for God, make him the total evangelist.  A Bible preaching evangelist is a gift of God to the local church. To not use Dr. Dennis Deese is to miss a blessing."

Dr. Herb Reavis, Jr.

Senior Pastor

North Jacksonville Baptist Church

Jacksonville, Florida


"It has been my privilege to preach in hundreds of churches and meet numerous pastors, but I have never known anyone that loves Jesus and the ministry God has given him more than Dennis Deese. He pastored for  24 years before being called as a Spirit Filled itinerant evangelist in January 2008 . Having helped him, when he served as a pastor, for many meetings, I can recommend him without reservation. Any pastor who wants a man who loves pastors and hungers for revival needs to have evangelist Dennis Deese. I pray you will use this man of God" Evangelist Bill Stafford 

Dr. Bill Stafford


Chattanooga, Tennessee


"It is my privilege to recommend Evangelist Dennis Deese.  He rightly divides the Word and he does it with passion and integrity.  Dr. Deese has served as a successful pastor for almost 25 years. He will bring that kind of experience and wisdom to every revival or crusade.  Evangelist Dennis Deese will be a blessing to any pastor who invites him."

Rick Coram


Rick Coram Ministries

Jacksonville, Florida


"It has been my privilege to  know Dr. Dennis Deese for many years, not only as a pastor, but as a friend.  God has used this dear man of God to build great churches. Brother Dennis is a gifted pastor and evangelist. He is one of the finest soul-winners I know. Pastor, you will do well to have Dr. Dennis Deese in your church for revival.  His preaching is excellent and his integrity impeccable."

Dr. Harold Hudson


Fellowship Baptist Church

Raiford, Florida


I have been closely associated with Dr. Dennis Deese now for over 28 years.  He is a godly man who knows how to pray and fast for spiritual breakthrough.  His conversion which happened in May of 1982 is one of the greatest testimonies you will ever hear.  From the very beginning of his ministry I have witnessed miracle upon miracle and obvious evidence of the Divine unction.  God called this man to preach and sent him to be a blessing to His kingdom and the churches he has pastored for two and a half decades.  He is an anointed evangelist that you will be glad you had in your church.  You need to feel his passion for Christ and sense his heartbeat for souls.  His ministry in the Word is both broad in scope and deep in substance.  When he preaches there is something there for the Body as well as those yet outside the kingdom.  And, pastor, he will be an encouragement and blessing to you.  I have used him in every church I have pastored these past twenty-five years.  Though these churches greatly differ, each and every one was blessed by Dennis’ ministry and asked to have him back!  I ask you to consider having Dennis soon for Revivals, Bible Conferences, Special Events or Training Seminars.  God will do you and your people good through Him.”

The Late Dr. Hal Fletcher, Jr.

Former Senior Pastor

Ridgewood Baptist Church

Orange Park, Florida

"Dennis Deese is not only an outstanding preacher of the Word but a personal friend and brother to me.  I have used him in my Church and would gladly recommend him as a passionate preacher to your people and a compassionate friend of the Pastor.  Dennis has a history of an evangelist as a Pastor where he consistently saw people saved and used the very best preachers in the convention so his people would be exposed to strong Bible preaching and fervent evangelism.  Dennis Deese believes the Blessed Book and Loves the Blessed Savior so use him without reservation in any size church."

Glenn Denton


Hillcrest  Baptist Church

Lebanon, Tennessee


"To my co-laborers in the Lord, I recommend Evangelist Dennis Deese to you and your church. Dennis works with the intensity of an apostle Paul, preaches God’s Word, and loves God’s people. As his pastor, let me assure you of his faithfulness to his church. Evangelism is not an occupation Dennis does, but a life that he lives."

Arden Taylor


Gray Station Baptist Church

Gray, Tennessee

Layman Statements

Dennis Deese is one of the most passionate men I have ever known. He has a heart to lead other Christians into a closer walk with Jesus Christ, hence the name of the ministry - FAN THE FLAME. He not only fans his own flame but the flames of others while stirring the coals so that others become white hot Christians. His conferences for men are like a refresher course in loving God. His evangelical meetings are always fruitful. If your church needs a shot in the arm, follow the advice on Hawaii Five O - book him Dan-o! You and others will not be the same. Bob Settle, Johnson City, TN

I have known Brother Dennis for over 25 years. As as a friend, he has helped me through some my most difficult times. As a preacher, Dennis has stood firmly on his conviction that the Bible is the infallible Word of God. As a minister, Dr. Deese has a heart for Christian people like few I've ever met. And as an evangelist, he is one of the greatest personal soul winners I've ever known.  Without reservation, I highly recommend my friend Dr. Dennis Deese to you and your Church.  (Bradley's Construction) Lee A. Bradley  Jacksonville, FL

"Carolyn and I will continue to pray for your Ministry to grow....When you were our pastor, I always felt like you were talking to me personally.  You will never know the level of comfort your teaching gave me.  We feel privileged to have the opportunity to give back.  Our hope is that there are others out there who will benefit from the messages that God puts in your heart."  Andy & Carolyn (Former church Members)  of Simpsonville, SC

"Thank you, Bro Deese, for your work on Hearing the Voice of God! I am a church planting missionary on the Oregon Coast and have reached a stage with several of the young converts needing clarification on this issue. Your message was well studied, well pointed, and will be a great help to me in relating these truths as given in the Word of God. For Christ's Sake,"    Bo  of Oregon

"Dennis....God does great things through you." Jan of Jacksonville, FL

"My life is richer because I know you."  Rodney of Virginia

"Dennis Deese, is a fine man of God. He has been faithful to minister at two different churches when I have called him in need. He exhibits a true passion for lost souls, and delivers foundational and timely messages to help God's people accomplish God's purpose in their lives, both corporately and individually. Above all else, I consider myself blessed to know him!"  David A. of Savannah, TN

"Awesome preacher! Dr. Deese is a very powerful speaker. Still down to earth. Sermon was well spoke."  Dennis F. of Orange Park, FL

"Thank you for touching my heart. I know God sent you today for me> I was losing faith and asking God why?? Thank you and God bless you!"  Orange Park, FL

"If your church needs a Holy Ghost filled, Jesus Driven, Bible preachin', God's word teachin', On Fire, Spirit filled man of God to get people off their butts and on their praise... Give Dennis a call. Our church was truly blessed by Dennis and I know yours will be too."  Brad Gill of Orange Park, FL

"Your messages have helped me grow tremendously and I'm looking forward to maturing even more. You've taught me that being a student doesn't limit me or limit God in what He can do through me. And that is one of the most valuable lessons I've ever learned." Rebecca of Orange Park, FL