"Fanning the Flames of a Bible Revival"

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Pr 29:18a  Where [there is] no vision, the people perish...

BIG  Vision

(Our Absolute Passion For Ministry)

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Part of the Big Vision (#1):  Soul Winning & Revival

To be used of God to lead lost souls to Jesus Christ and this country in a wide sweeping spiritual renewal and revival of Holiness, Hope, Church health and the Glorification of Jesus ChristWith 4 out of 5 churches plateaued or declining, the crisis so many people are facing and the spirit of Rebellion against God, it's past time for this nation to turn around! We are leading the charge.  We are leading in the revival of churches aflame to the Glory of God. Our goal is 100 churches renewed, revitalized and spiritually aflame by 2020. Would you like for your church to be one of the 100? Contact us today and we will get started. How? By leading your church in revival, teaching and equipping your lay leadership with exciting on fire conference training. We are here to make a powerful difference in your ministry future.

Part of the Big Vision (#2):  Caring

Ministering to the homeless. We are providing new coats, socks, gloves, hats, toiletry item kits, and sleeping bags. This is a massive undertaking and we are doing all the Lord provides for us to do.  This is a new aspect of our ministry and in its beginning stages. We are currently securing working tools for this such as a cargo trailer that can be seen on our donation page. JOIN the movement to help the homeless to know the love of Christ, experience first hand Christian love and have basic needs met.

Part of the Big Vision (#3):  Mentoring

Helping you, churches. pastors, evangelists, laymen, Christian business owners and their businesses reach their God-given potential.  We are providing Global Ministry-Building-Breakthrough (sleeves-rolled-up "working") seminars and resources for Churches, ministers and ministries that will truly provide you with tools, ideas, principles and much more that will enable you to  succeed in the work God has called you to do.  We provide impact conferences, leadership training (staff and Laymen), Men's conferences and pastor training conferences. Your ministry will be changed and on fire once again.

Part of the Big Vision (#4):  Giving

To become a major mission support organization of Ministries (primarily Evangelist, Missionaries, Women's abortion alternative clinics, children's ministries and Food Pantries). We would like to become a strong financial supporter of those who serve the Lord and like us that are faith based ministries. Our goal is to have scores of ministries in our budget that we support on a regular basis.  We stand in need of millions of dollars to achieve our mission of helping the masses through many solid organizations like ours. It's high time we stop simply saying, "I'll pray for you." and we start lending a hand up to help a brother or sister who is down.

Part of the Big Vision (#5):  Ministering

The next aspect of the ministry vision is to expand our ministry to the wounded. The wounds that many bear are vast to say the least. Some of the most obvious include: Divorce, Betrayal, Death, poverty, loss, change, loneliness, sickness, financial pressure and the list is endless. 

We are currently providing a great deal of help for the wounded and hurting but we would like to expand this ministry to make a greater positive and helpful impact in the lives of the hurting. We want to have a Barnabas ministry that provides for people in financial need along with as much practical help as possible.  This would include a getaway place to put wounded soldiers of the Lord up for a period of at least 7 days. A time to let them feel loved, refreshed, helped, carried for, and to begin the process of recovery.  Maybe only those who have been wounded can understand the need and how much this type of ministry can mean during times of such pain. Would you help us to build our ministry up to this point? Next to winning lost souls, this could be the most important ministry we do. Rescuing the rescuers! That's us. That's the passion we have. Pastors and he wounded need this ministry.

Part of the Big Vision (#6):  Teaching

The Final dream is an outside office with a recording studio to have a production ministry of all the messages and leadership training courses. This would include video and audio training along with a stronger website presence and television ministry. To produce live on-line training to reach the world.

Mailing Address:

Fan The Flame Ministries

1035 Austin Ridge Ct

Piney Flats, TN 37686