"Fanning the Flames of a Bible Revival"

 Evangelist Dr. Dennis Deese 

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Dennis & Teri Deese Celebrating 38 Years of Marriage

Married 40 years, saved 35 years ,35 years of ministry & 10 years in Evangelism

2018 Men's Conference


1.   "How to Know God Better"

(Renewing & Strengthening the Spiritual Man)

2.   "The Spiritual Man"

        (The Making of a Man of God)

3.   "Mighty Men of God"

4.   "Building a Spiritual Legacy

      (My epitaph will say?)

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Next available Preaching dates:

February 25 & March 4, 2018

Now Booking a limited number of meetings in 2018 and most of 2019.

Your prayers for Teri (my wife) are greatly appreciated. Teri will be recovering from cancer surgery for several months.  Thank you for praying and your financial support, especially during this part of our journey. Only 5 more chemo treatments to go.


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Evangelist Dennis Deese stands at the forefront with a profound message that is transforming lives worldwide and leading churches to Good Health! He's a top leader in church renewal!  Forged in the furnace of 34 years in Pastoral and Evangelistic service, the Lord has called him out to deliver his hard-driving message of deliverance and hope to our fast ailing world. Finally, your uncertainty in our uncertain world can be calmed. Your worry, concern, emotional upheavals, depression and struggles can be overcome.

Now, you'll have the tools to win … and exponentially grow to your fullest potential. Evangelist Dennis Deese has available for you in his books, videos and via his talk-of-the-town meetings … your success formula that will add true meaning to your life. Yes, you can reach your God-given potential!

No matter where you may be in your  journey of life, we can provide you with the tools, thoughts and motivation to reach your God-intended destiny. Browse the site and discover the daily added information that will help you most.  From pastor to layman we want to help you. Take advantage of this opportunity to book Dr. Deese for your next church, ministry, business or leadership event. It can be a Sunday through Wednesday revival meeting or a ONE day Fan the Flame meeting!

Specializing in Revivals, Men's Conferences, Greeter and Usher training, Sunday School Teacher training and Church Leadership Training.

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